A. John Deutschman

Profile Updated: September 13, 2014
Residing In Katy, TX USA
Spouse/Partner Cheryl
Occupation Mech Engineer, Licensed Professional Engineer, TX
Children JR, born 1975; Johanna, born 1997
Military Service USAF  
Yes! Attending Reunion

USAF 1964 - 1968
UA, Mechanical Engineering 1969 - 1973
Since working as an ME in vehicle testing and development with a few side trips into engine manufacture and co-owning and operating a machine shop. Much of this has been in TX and as a result I've lived and worked in DFW, Houston, West, Central and NE Tx and Laredo. Been interesting.

Wife Cheryl is an Educator and just graduated from UT Arlington with an Masters in Reading Development

Son JR is on his own in Central Fla while daughter Johanna is a HS junior fortunate enough to attend another highly regarded school, Katy HS

Besides family and friends (got good ones) I've also collected old racecars, hot rods and parts thereof. Nothing famous but I like them. Back in the 80's and 90's we raced midgets and sprints and some of the old stuff just ended up here.

School Story

I did not exactly apply myself at THS but THS really tried. Each semester my counselor would point out my deficiencies and make good suggestions but other things were more interesting. Fast forward 7-8 years after 4yrs in the service and 3-4 years of working thru engineering school and close to graduating....doing OK... one Sunday am I'm working a side gig pumping gas (full service!) and who rolls in? Yep, my counselor. Polite hello's etc. Started to explain how I was now a contributing member of society etc. but checked that....he's not going to believe me and there are other cars to take car of. Later, it occurred to me that other young folks were being told about the young man who hadn't applied himself years before and right now was pumping gas down on Campbell.

'course he had been right (mgmt. usually is, dammit); while I graduated THS OK I took a real beating later at UA re deficiencies required for acceptance to engineering school. Donated most of a semester to making up for rocking along on high idle at THS 4 years earlier.

Salud Mr Anderson! Your good works are appreciated and I should have told you (I did have a real good time tho....).

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